Commercial Home


During covid I hobbied into obsession of the fundamentals to commercial products and their consumption: an extension of the food-cake meditation about things and actions in home and self.

When I got covid (x-2021-07) a symptom was impatience. Impatience coupled with isolation, I awoke amidst a hoard of incomplete explorations and wanted out.

This is my Alice escaping Wonderland, sharing what I learned and might leave behind. For a glimpse of Wonderland, see []().

price for utility

Some things have the same utility, but different name.
example-A popcorn bowl is a wide plant bowl and shallow bucket, etc.

Cheap, common household goods can add utility.
example-home glue from–sugar-water-flour
example-home glue on old cloth to make stiff, custom-fit boards.

Many design habits do not cater to living.
example-windows are too high
example-couches too low

Many methods are left on the table.

Discovering improvements in any of these categories fell back on paying attention to what things were made of, and what non-purpose-driven function they had, or as I called it, mechanical function.

example-Belts limit the distance between two joined points, and/or contain something within their length.

These begin to generalize to a mechanical geometry.

example-Belts and neckties are both rope.


A few months before awaking…

I aim to undercut the price of function for quality daily living. This has the potential to span 3 consumer levels.

The middle: You and I are part of the conscientious middle-class (e.g. millennial), interested in reclaiming and customizing materialism for our needs.

The mission: To provide solutions for the industrious or struggling lower-class.

The image: High-end products appeal to and raise viability among the financially secure that want to signal social values and start conversations about materialism.

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