The Intellectual Boot Camp

I often have recurring dreams about the absurdity of military boot camp. I relive the sense of having a knifehand at my throat, scared shitless as the drill instructor spits profanity in my face. He'll do this again and again so that I can come to intuit, instead of just imagine, a sense of discipline … Continue reading The Intellectual Boot Camp

Conservative brain data

Education, Parenting, Business, Pop culture have been running for far too long on brain myths. I stumbled across this article and was pleasantly surprised to find it wasn't filled with a list of 2-3 items duplicated to make a list worth counting on your fingers. On top of that, I echo the same concern. Here's … Continue reading Conservative brain data

Talk about Deafhood: Treating Hearing Status

I recently had the honor of sharing my experiences with Deaf culture in a classroom of students interested in being involved in the Deaf community. A lot of discussions have come from the visit, which is exactly what I hoped for. Below is a lengthier response to a few key ideas that have been raised, … Continue reading Talk about Deafhood: Treating Hearing Status