Irrationally speaking

To Mary, who encouraged me to share more personally. The problem with arguing rationally about issues of identity is that one risks missing the forest for the trees. In a formal sense, a position should stand exclusively on the merit of its arguments. But often the central reason for arguing is personal and irrational. In … Continue reading Irrationally speaking

A World Without Music

I love what music does to my ear drums. How it affects my emotions. For that matter, though, I love the mystery of flavors on my taste buds or feeling the force of the ocean on my body. The existential appreciation for these sensory experiences stop there. I will not write an ode to the … Continue reading A World Without Music

5. Webcam starts to capture

Sat. Dec 12th Contrary to the stigma of signing your life over to the military for [insert number] years, especially once you're granted BAH (permission and a stipend to live outside the barracks), service members still have a lot of freedom in their life. Outside of the typical work day and Marine Corps obligations, I … Continue reading 5. Webcam starts to capture