Man’s (inner) best friend: his feelings

"Why do I still care about her if I know she'll never love me back?" "I'm not sure I'm still in love, because so many women continue to catch my eye." "I obviously don't care about myself if I keep coming back to this abuse." We recognize these instances as conflicts between our emotionally based … Continue reading Man’s (inner) best friend: his feelings

How to climb mountains of grief: don’t.

Cognitive therapy often aims to provide healthier ways to interact with and understand reality. One of the more problematic components of emotional struggles that I think can benefit thoroughly from attention to our thinking is the following: A lot of unnecessary anxiety and stress over personal problems comes from a perceived distance, or isolation from … Continue reading How to climb mountains of grief: don’t.

Political Debate

There is a profound paradox that comes from a literate society. The modern human ability to consume information and expand our awareness of possibilities leads to entrenchment in our conclusions, and in different ways. The assumption might have been that information dissemination would lead to greater understanding and universality of ideas, but language often has been the bearer of destruction. … Continue reading Political Debate