Dealing with Deaf at the party

You know when you're in a crowded room so busy it's difficult to hear the person three inches from you? I might ask them to speak up a few times, maybe repeat themselves, but after a few times I become self-conscious. It's easier to pretend to follow along and wait until I catch the next … Continue reading Dealing with Deaf at the party

Art? Boring. Artist? Weird.

A child and a mother look at a piece of abstract architecture. "Mommy whats that?" "Art," she says. End of conversation, beginning of ignorance. It's not art. Or at least for the kid there is a better way to describe strange things. A small child doesn't have the faculties to create abstract categories, and would … Continue reading Art? Boring. Artist? Weird.

Preface: One of those guys

I want you to try to imagine something. You're the son of two deaf parents, an aspiring teenage novelist struggling to make the leap to college, so you join the Marines. Why the Marines? To get a taste of something raw, for good writing material. You go to boot camp, learn some language (Arabic and … Continue reading Preface: One of those guys