14. Everyday

Not everyone deployed has the luxury of this consistency, but it is many deployers' experience: a mundane daily life much like that of home, constrained by circumstance. Here was mine. Or at least as much of it I'm allowed to publicly talk about. A blackberry by my head rings a default tone, and I find … Continue reading 14. Everyday

13. A Need for Combat

Complete blackness and the roar of the helicopter are overpowering. My eyelids are heavy. I wonder if I'll make a difference. I really shouldn't let the sleep take me over, but it comes from all sides. It's warm in here, and dark, and the noise drowns thought out. My kevlar doesn't balance well with the … Continue reading 13. A Need for Combat

12. Grenades, cigarettes, or melons

(Entry 16) This tent is different. Three rickety metal poles plot a crooked row between a disarray of cots. There are unkempt and suspicious looking local nationals, civilians, soldiers sleeping on them. Some of them two to a cot (local nationals). Most of them don't have sheets. A sign on the double-door cooler next to … Continue reading 12. Grenades, cigarettes, or melons