This blog is where I commit my values and experiences to words. People I care about are affected by my values and so I not only feel an obligation to develop them, but to share them. I think the most undervalued human assets are reflection and communication.

When I was little I wanted to be a writer; to use words to inspire meaning and positive change in people. As I grew older I became more convinced human problems, both personal and societal, start inside the head. Now my day job is researching how the head makes language, with the hope of contributing to the very long journey toward solutions. I don’t have answers, but I’m happy to share my thoughts.

All thoughts are subject to repair. I put mine here so you can know where I stand, and so you can tell me where you stand. Please message me. Tell me who you are.

Places to start

Military: One of those guys

Deaf culture: Talk about deafness

More about me
I’m a graduate student in cognitive psychology studying how your brain finds words, and I also enjoy photography. My online portfolio can be found here.

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