Conservative brain data

Education, Parenting, Business, Pop culture have been running for far too long on brain myths.

I stumbled across this article and was pleasantly surprised to find it wasn’t filled with a list of 2-3 items duplicated to make a list worth counting on your fingers. On top of that, I echo the same concern. Here’s a simple rubric if you’re eager for a summary: what we know about the brain is very, very tenuous, other than that it is a complicated thing that so far, does not generalize easily to whole populations.

Most of the claims that are lead astray are ones that make assertions about the world: confirming differences, etc. But really, I would argue most of what we can actually say about the brain is still in the conservative zone of what the brain is not: The brain is not a computer; It’s not a rote-storage machine; It’s not a smaller version or reflection of all the things we think the world is. Instead, the brain in some fundamental ways has to be the compliment. We’re still trying to crack the egg on what that means.

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